Ground Plane Antenna: Six Meter


Now there is a solid performing, stainless steel six-meter antenna at an affordable price... from B-Square Engineering!

As we introduced our line of amateur radio and professional antennas, customers began requesting a solid stainless steel six-meter antenna. Now, we have answered that need with a solid performing, maintenance free antenna…specifically designed for "The Magic Band!".

Although this antenna only weighs two-and-a-half pounds, it is built of 3/16-inch solid stainless rod for rugged use and long life. The four ground elements come together at the feed point and are anchored to the exclusive B-Square radial bracket, designed to provide robust support for the radials. You will not find flimsy telescoping elements here!

This beautifully designed 6 meter groundplane antenna has a workable bandwidth of almost six megahertz. That is more than enough to work the entire six-meter amateur band!

But that is not enough. We build this antenna pre-tuned to 50 mHz—with an SWR of less than 1.1 to 1. We do this for those who need maximum performance on the low end of the band. Simple trimming will move the point of resonance to cover the entire band or, if desired, shift maximum performance to the high end of the band. If you prefer, B-Square will be glad to trim the vertical element for you for a minimal fee.

Now, with so many modern ham rigs equipped with 50 MHz capabilities, you can finally take advantage to this fun band with minimal investment and effort, yet have an antenna that is easy to install and operate but will give service for years to come. Order your B-Square six-meter ground plane antenna today and you will soon experience all that this fantastic band has to offer!

Buy with confidence! We offer 90-day refund privileges on all purchases.


 Antenna Specifications:

Bandwidth: (VSWR < 2:1)

5.6 MHz total 47.2 MHz ~52.8 MHz (as normally supplied)

Gain dBi: unity


Purchase a great 6 Meter Ground Plane for $74.95 + S&H.


To add $12.00 to have the antenna trimmed to any frequency between 50 and 54 MHz, click the above button to add the antenna to your cart, then return to this page, enter the desired frequency and click on the button below.

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