J-Pole Antenna: 2 M / 70cm HAM

One of the most-talked-about antennas is now better than ever... a true two-band antenna!

Just when you thought that all the variations of the j-pole have already been explored, here comes the latest B-Square dual-band version that takes this popular but often-misunderstood antenna to new heights. Our version of the antenna is based on our previous very successful design. But instead of simply trying to load a two-meter jpole on 70 centimeters and proclaiming it to be a "dual bander", the B-Square dual-band j pole is a true two-band antenna.

We have listened to what our customers have told us and taken this classic antenna to the next level.

And the B-Square multi-band j-pole is designed to last. We fabricate this antenna using stainless steel. The elements are attached using silver brazing. The common---or center---element is made of solid 3/16-inch-diameter stainless steel. The top is threaded to allow the spacer---made of electrical grade Teflon---to be attached with stainless hardware. And there are no coils or traps to collect water or debris.

The outstanding B-Square J-Pole is built to give a lifetime of satisfying performance, all for a remarkably low price!

Use this antenna anywhere you want an omni-directional antenna that throws real gain toward the horizon. This antenna is perfect for most any fixed-station application---and even for some mobile ones. It is especially good for cross-band repeaters, APRS stations, or for rag chewing on SSB on the lower band portions of the band or on the local repeaters. This antenna's liberal bandwidth allows you to work repeaters---even those on the extreme end of the band---then switch instantly to SSB on the other end with no tuning, no degradation of performance.

There are plenty of other possibilities! Since no counterpoise is required for a properly designed j-pole, this antenna is the best thing around for working bicycle mobile. One customer told us about using it on his motorcycle. Although we designed the B-Square J-Pole to be used for fixed station use, the options seem to be limitless.

And installation is a snap. This antenna features the exclusive B-Square mounting bracket that allows it to be attached to any size mast, using a common radiator hose clamp that is available at an auto parts store. The B-Square J-Pole works great on either metallic or nonmetallic masts, grounded or not. Many are being mounted on PVC vent pipes. Attach your coax via a standard UHF connector and you're ready to start communicating.

This antenna comes to you assembled and tuned, ready to go out of the box. Buy with confidence, too, because we offer 90-day refund privileges on all purchases.

Antenna Specifications:

Overall Height: 58 ½ inches

Bandwidth: (VSWR < 2:1) See actual SiteMaster Plots below:

VHF: 133~153 MHz UHF:439~457 MHz


VHF: 3.4 dBi UHF: 4.3 dBi

This antenna is a terrific value at only $49.95 + S&H (USA).



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