PRO-SERIES VHF J-Pole Antenna 132 to 225 MHz

"... commercial-grade performance, heavy duty construction, and top-notch customer service."

B-Square Engineering introduces the first of its line of PRO-SERIES mono-band antennas. The PRO-SERIES line offers commercial-grade performance, heavy-duty construction, and top-notch customer service--and all at a price that only B-Square can deliver. Tell us what frequency or band you want to use and we'll take it from there. We'll take an antenna from our inventory, tune it to your precise frequency, and ship it out to you, typically in less than 48 hours. This service is included in the price of the antenna. We do this for the professional installer who has other things to do with his time. We also do it for anyone else who has ever tried to adjust a J-pole to a specific frequency, only to realize too late that too much was trimmed from the wrong leg and the antenna was ruined. We want your B-Square PRO-SERIES to work perfectly, right from the start!

B-Square Engineering doesn't make cheap products---just products that offer users a great value.

The PRO-SERIES line reinforces that fact. The PRO-SERIES VHF j-pole is an antenna with both a solid gain value as well as extraordinary bandwidth, all in one package.

Use this antenna anywhere you need an omni-directional, single band VHF antenna that throws some real gain toward the horizon. The PRO-SERIES VHF jpole has a workable transmit bandwidth of more than six megahertz. It can be configured for police, fire, municipalities, business band, marine band, two-meter "ham" band, military, aviation, and more. It is shipped assembled and ready to mount, featuring the exclusive B-Square mounting bracket. Our uniquely designed bracket allows the antenna to be mounted on any size mast, using a common radiator hose clamp that is available from any auto parts store. The j pole works great on either metallic or nonmetallic masts, grounded or not.

Attach your coax via a standard UHF connector and you are ready to start communicating.

Like all B-Square Engineering products, the PRO-SERIES VHF j-pole is built to give a lifetime of satisfying performance, all for a remarkably low price. It's the perfect choice for permanent, fixed-station installations.

And you buy with confidence! We offer 90-day refund privileges on all purchases.

Antenna Specifications:

Bandwidth: (VSWR < 2:1)

VHF: Specified Frequency +/-3.5 Mhz (7 Mhz)

Bandwidth: (VSWR < 1.5:1)

VHF: Specified Frequency +/-2.0 Mhz (4 Mhz)

Gain: VHF: 3.7 + dBi

This antenna is a terrific value at only $74.95 + S&H (USA).

Desired Center Freq


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