J-Pole Antennas:

all made of solid stainless steel.

Many have tried... few have mastered the j-pole antenna!

The storied j pole has long been attractive to ham radio operators as well as for professional use, primarily because of its effectiveness and seeming ease of construction. Yet many have discovered that properly constructing the antenna for long use in adverse weather conditions, and tuning it properly for low VSWR over broad frequency bands is much more difficult than some articles and "experts" suggest.

Now B-Square Engineering offers a line of solid, sturdy, broadband jpoles, ready to easily install, and designed to give excellent performance for years to come... regardless the environment.

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Click here for information on VHF/UHF Dual Band J-pole for 2 Meter and 70 centimeter.

Click here for information on PRO-SERIES VHF mono-band antenna for 132 to 225 Mhz.

Click here for information on PRO-SERIES UHF mono-band antenna for 300 to 960 Mhz.

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